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1 MAS KARGO Company Profile PT. Merpati Alam Semesta Sales Dept. Jakarta

2 Executive Summary MAS KARGO was established on April 01st An enchanted beautiful pigeon was flying in the sky with the globe as the background chose as our logo. It had of course, a philosophy meaning. Pigeon often believed as a trustworthy bird for sending message or letter on time, for one place to another. The globe means universe, which reflected our access of area in delivering document and package in Indonesia area and worldwide. Due to the early age, we raise spirit & commitment to make great efforts to improve quality of service and build satisfaction to all the customers. Since we have good infrastructure and network support combined with service quality and high integrity of all the employees to fulfill customer s need, we were not only sell and provide document & package shipment service but also offer practical solution to business industries in developing their service to the for distribution and transportation. 2

3 VISSION MISSION Vision An Outstanding Trusted Logistics and Transportation Company where exceed the Customer Satisfaction as Priority Mission 1. Committed to providing superior Handling Cargo Provider Services 2. Business Managed by Professionals 3. Give Value added and Benefit for all stake holders. 3

4 Executive Summary MAS Kargo is one of the world s leading logistics service providers and a trusted partner. Exist Since 2001 with 211 Employee, 6 own Branches (Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan and JKT as HO) and more than 200 networks all around Indonesia with 48 vehicles (Grand Max, CDE, CDD). Scope of works Domestics : o Reguler & Express Delivery o Trucking FTL (Charter) / LTL (Retail) o Mini Warehouse & Transportation Solution Package o Sea Freight Reguler & Express Shipment o Projects Distribution o Relocation Key elements of our solution are: o Better Project client system Monitoring o Strong Operation Team o Dedicated Vehicle & Team o SOP Mutual Improvement Program o Administration Improvement Program Implementation Strategy: o Routine Improvement Review with Client untill Goal Expected Achieve 4

5 PT. Merpati Alam Semesta (MAS KARGO) Overview PT Merpati Alam Semesta Corporate Office: Infinia Park Blok 89, Jl. Saharjo No. 45, Manggarai, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia Fax Phone : Website President Director Established : 2001 Number of employees : 211 SIUJPT : : Mr. H. M. Zubir : 246/SIUJPT/DISHUB/IX/200 NPWP : ASPERINDO MEMBER : Agent Airline Branches : 6 Network Vehicles System Tracing on line Barcode & QR Support API needed : Garuda Indonesia City Link : 86 Agents coverage all Indonesia : 48 Unit : Web Base & Cloud : Avaliable on Web & Android : Available : Available Country Information: Area: 1,904,569 sqkm Population: 253 million Capital: Jakarta Language: Bahasa Indonesia Currency: IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) 5

6 Reguler & Express Domestic Services PC 3 / Regular Service Domestic Shipment deliver in normal business process PC 2 / Over Night Service (ONS) Domestic Shipment deliver in the day after pick up in certain city has direct flight from Jakarta PC 1 / Same Day Service (SDS) Domestic Shipment sent and receive in the same day Hand Carry Domestic Shipment deliver with courier on Board until receipt to consignee City Courier Delivered main city area with courier on Motor Cycle until receipt to consignee Packing Domestic Shipment has several regulation on packing due to airline regulation. We are specials in packing 6

7 Land transportation Services Trucking FTL / LTL For another alternative of shipping, MAS KARGO Provide MAS KARGO Trucking with various kind trucking to support Efficiency cost for deliver any where in Indonesia trough land. MAS KARGO Trucking FTL / Charter (Full Trucking Load) MAS KARGO Trucking LTL / Retail (Less Trucking Load) Routine CDD 4 Tons Jakarta to Surabaya VV every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 11 PM Kg Base rate minimum Kg apllied 7

8 Ocean Freight Service For every consignment MAS KARGO ocean offers the optimal way of shipping. The pre and post carriage which in integrated in Multimodal transport solutions Guarantee of best transit fimes from door to door Spesial Logistics services of any kind complement the Service package. MAS KARGO complete - FCL (Full Container Load) MAS KARGO combine LCL (Less Container Load ) 8

9 Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution Services LOGISTICS OUTSOURCING SERVICE Dedicated partner for new developed logistics division Logistics Manpower Outsource Provide various position required in Logistics scope of work for Manpower replacement in Client warehouse / office. Reverse Logistics Shipment Handle to ship and manage all shipment status from anywhere in Indonesia include the administration support Full Control 7 / 24 / 365 Warehouse Rental Service (As per Request) Provide various warehouse space for rent to use Warehouse Management Service Fully manage the warehouse, stock availability, all stock report, Shipment of stock monitoring by Web Base Support. PIC Dedicated Biker Outsources Biker dedicated as request to keep performance part deliver in the city (20 Km area) in 1.30 hours delivery. (Major city only) 9

10 Flow Operation Activity MAS Kargo Flow Reguler OPS: Cabang2 MAS Kargo Client Warehouse - Standby Pickup : Cut Off Pickup : sd Armada 1 CDD Kapastitas 4,5 Ton 18 M3 - Man Power Standby Pickup : 3 Persons MAS JKT Warehouse 2 - Actifity Whs MAS : Administrasi, Sortir - Medan Bandung Surabaya End Customer End Customer MAS Kargo Flow Mini Warehouse Program : HPAI Indonesia Plant - Standby Pickup : Cut Off Pickup : sd Armada 1 CDD Kapastitas 4,5 Ton 18 M3 - Man Power Standby Pickup : 3 Persons Jakarta Medan Leadtime 4 Day MAS KARGO Branches 10 End Customer End Customer

11 OUTBOUND PROSES TRUCKING Pickup from Customer 1. Serah Terima Barang : - Croscek Fisik Barang sebelum Loading - Pastikan Kode Fisik Barang sesuai - Labeling & Tempel AWB - Pastikan barang yg dikirim sesuai dengan DN (jml isi /pcs, Coli,alamat - Buat berita acara serah terima barang Handling : 1. Terima DN/SJ/DO : - Siapkan AWB/POD - Hitung KG/Volumetrik - Pisahkan DN untuk Pengiriman & arsip - Stempel & Buat Label 3. Loading : - Dipastikan sebelum loading POD+DN & Lable sudah tertempel - Loading Barang Per tujuan menghindari miss - Pastikan tidak ada yang tertinggal pada saat loading - Koordinasi ke Driver untuk barang yang dibawa - Manifest Pengiriman Barang - MAS Kargo menyiapkan Driver & Pengawalan - Koordinasikan untuk Alat Muat di Customer Customer Handling Shipment Admin POD & DO : 1.Control Daily POD & DN 2. Input Status Penerima & POD Balik 3. Serah terima POD & DN ke Acounting UnLoading : - Menghubungi Pihak Penerima Barang - Koordinasikan dengan penerima untuk Alat Bongkar Barang - Koordinasikan untuk penempatan barang 4. KPI Report POD & DN Open & Closing - Pastikan tidak ada barang yang tertinggal di dalam mobil pada saat 5. Pastikan Kelengkapan POD & DN sblm serah barang diturunkan terima dengan Acounting - Setelah turun barang di cek oleh kedua belah pihak - Untuk Fisik barang dilakukan pengecekan setelah barang turun - Proses Adminstrasi pengecekan Barang dan Surat Jalan/DO/DN & AWB di tanda tangani - Buat berita acara serah terima barang Transportation : - Driver Selalu Update setiap pergerakan dan Posisi terkini - No HP Driver & Pengawalan Standby tidak Off - Menghubungi Pihak Penerima Jika akan sampai ditujuan - Update ke team Customer untuk Posisi Truck saat ini Fin&Account: 1.H+1 setelah Surat Jalan/AWB diterima invoice di terbitkan 2. Invoice Lengkap dengan Surat Jalan/AWB 3. Semua Variable harga yang di tawarkan sudah acc dimasukan ke dalam Invoice 4. Invoice diserahkan ke Customer 11

12 Work Flow Operational Customer Provider 1) Customer Request CE Calls Vendor Remotes Order Fulfillment Monitoring Order & Dispatch 2) Create Ticket /Remedy for dispatch order (To engineer on site/remotes office operation By Inventory Monitoring Shipment Progress Monitoring Warehouse & Distribution Support 6) Operation Handling : Packing,Splitting,Bagging, Confirmation to gateway 5) Inventory Implant : Pick & pack item part from Bin Location, return part..etc.. Warehous e 7) Gateway Handling : SMU Confirm,coordination with Airport Staff,loading 3) Admin Log Implant : Release Stock, Pick-up Order & Handover of Label (awe & PR,Item Part) Input to VL System 8) Cargo Transfer to Airlines W/H : Domestic & Int l Shipment 4) Admin Log Shipment Monitoring Update ETD & ETA to Customers by , Input data to VL System Shipment Progress Monitoring & DO Return Monitoring Remote s 9) Admin Log Remotes : Receiveid Inbound & Coordination with CE,Realease remedy,update ETD&ETA,Inventory Status,Report NTS,Return AWB (Input to VL System) 12) CE : Received & repair /handling in site area-ce confirmation to Customer/Vendor for WO Closing. 13) Office Staff : Received Part & waiting confirmation from CE 10) Inventory Implant : Pick & pack item part from Bin Location Mini Warehouse 11) Bikers : Delivery Proccess after confirm time with CE /Office on site & Pick Bad Part After Instalation/ Repair 12

13 Retail Racking Mini Warehouse Program Warehousing & Distribution Inbound and Outbound Profile : - Normal Working Days : Monday to Saturday - Sunday and Public Holiday is off Standby team dedicated - Working hour : 08:00 17:00 - Space Warehouse Ruko 2 LT ukuran ( 4 M x 15 M ) Total = 120 M2 - Lantai 1 Total 18 Pallet Position + Out In Area + Sortir Area + Admin Work Space - Lantai 2 Total 19 Pallet Position + Racking - Racking with Pallet configuration 1 m (W) x 1 m (L) x max height 1.20 m (including pallet height) Lantai 1 Lantai 2 LDP HPAI MAS Kargo Medan Sortir OUT IN 13

14 MAS KARGO LOYAL CLIENT Telecommunication Consumer Goods Automotive Pharmacy Others 14

15 Accreditation Testimony from DB Schenker handling NCR Logistics strategic partnership with DB Schenker to service NCR in handling a very sensitive and high value goods, challenged to face complexities in transferring the process over the country from former provider to MAS KARGO in professional and proper way with achievement Performance 99 % delivery. (NCR is the most leading ATM Machine Provider in Indonesia) 15

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